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silver linings

 a post inspired by this lovely photo.


[ photo via pinterest ]


head bowed
arms hanging
voice low


gears turning
eyes wide
shoulders slumped

where did it all go?

* * *

She doesn't want to look up, only for her eyes to find the dark and terrible surroundings she calls her world. She doesn't want to go back, to the dwelling where words were spoken and exchanged but never taken back. She doesn't want to sit there forever. But that seems like the best option right now.

While she swings, she listens and thinks, sings and sinks, the only company she has is the rag doll under her fingertips.

It looks worn--just like her.
And torn--again, like her.
And used--just. like. her.
Yet loved--a foreign feeling that has been wasted.

She lifts her head to look up at the dark sky, wishing the clouds would split apart and act merciless upon her. Instead, they seem as if to slowly zip open, lightly letting down a few droplets at a time. She lets a small smile slip from her lips, suddenly wondering why her mood matches the weather--dark and gloomy, overcast and sad. She doesn't have to feel this way. She doesn't have to act this way. Things don't have to be bad--and maybe they aren't as bad as it seems.

Something catches the little light that seeps through the storm clouds, and she feels her lips stretching.

It's the silver lining, she thinks. The silver lining that every cloud has.

are your linings silver? || inspiration has finally been sparked

thanks for reading. <3


  1. Anonymous16.7.13

    Well, Rosie, I'd tell you have much I simply adored this post of upliftingness, but as you recall I've been killed by your epic flawlessness. Tell me I'm still alive and I can say how much I enjoyed your post. But nah, not now. It'd take too much time.

    So xoxo from heaven,

    1. WHAT?!?!?!?! ...oh yeah...I feel really bad about that...
      You're alive. I bet you are. * studies computer screen * You seem alive. * pokes screen * You reflexes are a little off, but I don't know you personally, so I can't tell. Plus, I'm pretty sure there ain't no wifi in heaven...or is there? o.O * dramatic music *

      ... *sniffles* I wish I could hug you.

      xoxo from earth,

    2. Anonymous17.7.13

      :: There's something I have to tell you, Rosie. I'll get to it soon. :: you really think I could still be alive? O-o If so, life (real, true, earth life) is good again. But how? With your impacting, epic, flawlessness nestled deep within your soul and beaming with every word you write, the strength and beauty of it sucked earth life out of this mortal here. Me.

      I love meh Rosie more than I love meh horse. Which is a lot, since I don't have a horse. But if I did I'd love it loads. And I'd still love you more. Mmmm.

      To the point:

      *le me* reads: You're alive. I bet you are. * studies computer screen * You seem alive. * pokes screen *

      *le me* bursts out laughing. {I'm serious.}

      *le mon sisters in le background* "WHAT??"

      *le me* "You wouldn't get it".

      *le me* smiles huge smile.

      * me* Golly Rosie, you're wonderful.

      ....*sniffles* gee, I think you can.

      xoxo I'm BACK ON EARTH!!!!!

    3. :: oh it bad? ::

      Yes! Of course you're still alive. Y-you have to be. *blinks* Whoa...that's my fault? •-•

      Hehe, that made meh smile. I love you SO much, Les. <-- I hope it's okay that I stole Kenz's nickname for you. XP You're too good for me.

      Aww...that really happened? *sniffles* That's too sweet. I'm so glad...

      * opens arms * Then get in here. •-•


    4. Anonymous17.7.13

      Nope, it wasn't bad. :)

      I'm ALIVE!!!!!!!!!! *blinks* well, yes. But it's not a bad thing, Rosie meh dear! <3

      Good. very good. And I love you SO much too, Rosie. Plese, call me Les!!! I love it. XD Nah, I'm not too good for you. <3 We're just right for each other.

      Yep, it really truly happened. *sniffles* Y-Yeah, it was sweet. Er I mean it is...

      *runs forward* I'm in. •-• Wow it feels so loving and warm <3


      pea ess Kenz is in charge of the catering for meh welcome-back-to-earth party, okay?

    5. Oh. Phew. •-•

      THANK GOODNESS. And it's not? •-•

      Mhm... And aww. Okay, I will. :) Because I love it too. Uh, yes you are. (•-•)-<3

      Oh girly. Stop making me smile. •-• I don't know how you keep doing it...

      xx WHOOOOOOOO! \(•-•)/ MY LES IS BACK BAY-BEE! IT'S TIME TO GET OUT PARTY ON! *slides on cool shades*

      pea ess to dah pea ess Haha, you got it girly! ...can I be in charge of the entertainment? *le sneaky face*

    6. Anonymous18.7.13


      No, it isn't! You could never do anything bad to me!! ♥

      Mmmm....thank you, darlin'. Yay!! Aww. Uh, I don't think so. But thanks <3

      I'll stop making you smile when you stop making me grin! *aka never*

      xx WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I'M BACKKKKKKKK BAY-BEE! #ohgoodnessyourehilarious

      pea ess to dah pea ess to dah pea ess Yeah! ...please, do! *le innocent face*

    7. :D

      A-are you sure?

      No problem girly... :} Well I think so. <3

      ...that made me smile. AGAIN.

      xx *SOBS* I'M SO HAPPY MY LES IS BACK! #whythankyoudear

      pea ess to dah pea ess to dah--okay, I'm just gonna skip all that. •-• WHOO! Just one question, if I may ask: what is your favorite music group and/or music type?

    8. ...I'm pretty sure my name was supposed to be up there somewhere... •-•

      Rosie <--there we go!

    9. Anonymous18.7.13

      *nods solemly* Positive.

      Aw darlin'. <3 Geez, I'm blushing over here. o-o

      ...ditto. AGAIN.

      xx *SMILES* COME DO THE HAPPY DANCE WITH ME! #onlythebestformehrosie

      etc. etc. etc. pea esses: YAAYYY!! Sure, ask away. I'm in love with Jackie Evancho; you heard of her?? And also I enjoy other classical-crossovers. But I'm up for something new; what do you have?

    10. Okay...

      Oooooh, I made Les blush... ;) it okay to say I wish I knew what your 'blush face' looks like? •-•

      Hehe, yay! Multiple dittos! •-•

      xx I WOULD LOVE TO DO THAT WITH YOU! JUST ONE QUESTION...HOW? •-• #youaresosweetithinkimgonnacry

      etc. etc. etc. etc. pea esses: <-- I stole that from you. :} I've never heard of her, but I'd be happy to try and get her at our celebration. •-• I also have an Imagine Dragons CD...and 1D...and some T-Swizzle. :}

    11. Anonymous19.7.13

      ....whoot. ....uh, sure. it's fine. but it's sort of an awkward expression.

      gosh-hosh-yosh-josh-mosh-kosh, you're makin' me say this: ditto.


      steal away! etc. etc. etc. etc. pea esses: yay! :D *nervous giggle* I've not heard of Imagine Dragons...and never listened to 1D ... but I have heard/of Tay! :}

    12. haha, I figured. •-•

      Heheh, 'ditto'. Such a cute little word.

      XX OKAY! LET'S DO DIS THANG! \(•-•)/ #theyaredontworry

      skippin' to dah good stuff: That's okay girly. *puts hand on your shoulder* You've got connections now. ;}

  2. Yes, inspiration has definitely been sparked. You're gold.

    1. Aww shucks. Thank you. <3


  3. Oh. Wow. I. Am. Speechless. <3 I love this so much...


    1. Aww, you are? :) I'm so...glad...? Is it okay to be happy that you're speechless? :}
      Thank you, Jessie. <3


    2. Don't worry, it's okay. ;)
      And thank you writing this. :)


  4. Hey, thanks for your comment on my blog about the blog design. I really love your designs, but I have been wanting to get my blog designed by someone else for a long time now, but thanks anyways! I think next time, if I ever need a blog design, I will contact you! I have followed, so I won't lose your blog.

    I love the poem; really lovely.


    1. That's okay. :) Thank you for at least considering me, I appreciate it.
      Thank you so much for following. :D

      Thanks again. <3


  5. ROSIE!!!!! WHY??!?!??!?!!?!?!!? You are wayyyyyyy too flawless for me. *sighs* I should just leave. -_- I am not worthy of your greatness.

    Your words... th-they're so beautiful... *sniffles* I love them so much. ...can I marry words? •-• If I could then I'd marry yours. ;) <--- that was awkwardly lame. ANYWAYS... you are just too perfect and I bet EVERYONE here would agree with me.

    I love you so much. <3

    Hug attacks and Glitter fights. <3

    your very jelly hg buddy,

    1. Whoa there girly. •-• No, d-don't leave. *grabs your hand* Please, stay. Y-you promised.

      Erm, I don't think you wanna marry my words. Sometimes they get...dirty. •-• Ehh, I don't know about that...

      I love you so much more. <3

      And friendship feelz. •-•

      your very smiley hg buddy,


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