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new beginnings, old friends [part 3]

Our eyes lock again, and my heart flutters rapidly in my chest. I feel like we're reading each other, like we're both searching. I think I've found what I was looking for.

I look down at my notebook, quickly flipping it open and scribbling down some words. Some words for him. I feel the heat of his gaze but I keep writing, glancing up to look at the clock. I have to go in a few minutes.

When I look up he's still there, wearily staring at me. I smile, ripping the page out of my notebook and holding it our for him. "That's my new address, with my number on it." I stand up when he takes the paper, picking up my things while I talk. "I hope you'll use it."

He studies the paper, a smiling breaking across his face. "I will."

"Good." I walk over to the nearby trash bin, dumping out my food then turning back toward him. But he's gone.


But not forgotten.

Is that how he felt when I left?

I push through the double doors, making my way out of the cafeteria. I quickly walk down the hall, slipping past the school's trophy case then stopping in my tracks. I slowly backtrack until I'm in front of the large glass case. My eyes skim over the words, reading and rereading until tears come to my eyes.

Rest in peace.

I hit my fist against the glass as tears start to run down my cheeks. I scan the picture of the boy with the big brown eyes, and a crooked smile. I look down at the nameplate on the frame, then back to the three words that fill my eyes with more tears as I keep reading them over and over and over again.

So he really is gone, the boy I wrote many words for.


But not forgotten.

Yet still gone.


And that concludes this short...story?
At least that's what I'd like to call it. :}

What do you think of the ending?
Was it confusing?
Should I change it?
Please tell me your thoughts. :)

thanks for reading this interesting post. <3


Edit: I have changed le ending. :}
A few of you thought it was confusing, and I totally agree...
Please enjoy! :P


  1. I adore this whole story series. <3
    Okay.. So the ending was a little confusing..
    I was wondering if the person who's name she had read was the boys that she had just talked to. And that he was dead, but had come back to her.. I could be totally wrong.. Could you explain? :)
    But other wise I love it! <3

    Xox. Kayla

    1. Thank you. :)
      Yeah... :P
      Yep, you got it right. I changed the end just a little bit, so hopefully that clears things up a bit. :}

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


  2. Silent Reader5.7.13

    Beautiful, enchanting writing.
    Would you care to ... straighten out the ending? I didn't comprehend it.

    1. Thank you.
      I think I did...sorry about all the confusion. :-/

    2. Silent Reader6.7.13

      il est parfait, dear. Parfait. :')

  3. This is an amazing short story!! The ending is confusing, but just enough so that it leaves you thinking about what it really means. :)

    1. Thank you. :) I'm so glad, because that was my goal...sorta. ;)

  4. ...*rocks back and forth in le corner while sobbing* why?! WHY?!?! w-why did you do this to me?! *sobs harder*

    *cough* sorry...

    THAT. WAS. SO. BEAUTIFUL. I was very shocked. very, very shocked. •-• how do you manage to do this to me every time you write!? okay honey, you are officially WAYYYYYYYYY too good for me. nuff said.
    But, um, I am curious on what your ending was like before... •-• I'm sure it was just as flawless as this one. <3
    *sniffles* it sad that I feel emotionally attached to these characters? •-•

    again... asdfghjkl, why do you do this to me?!

    I LOVE YOU! <3

    your very jelly hg buddy,

  5. This was a brilliant short story. I didn't get to read the first ending, but this one was beautiful. It's one of those that make you think...which are always the best. :)


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