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mountains and hills

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I flip through the pages of my book, sighing and letting the words blur my vision. A soft growl is heard above the slight breeze that blows my hair and waves the grass. I roll my eyes and close my book.

"If you're trying to scare me again, it won't work."

I listen to the small sigh but still jump back when he pounces on me.

"Ah hah! And you said it wouldn't work!"

I giggle as we roll around in the grass. I try to push him off of me, while he stubbornly hangs on. "Get off of me!"


We continue to roll, and that's when I notice our slight downhill incline. "Oh no..." I reach a hand out, clawing at the grass, trying to slow us down as we begin to slide instead of roll.

"Oh--" His voice is cut off by the splash of our bodies, hitting the water. I lift my head above the pond water, gasping for air and managing to push him off of me. He turns toward me and laughs, covering his mouth as he points at me with his free hand. I look up, noticing the pond lily perched on my head. I pull it off, looking back at him and letting out my own snort-filled laughter. On his head sits a tiny, frightened duck. He looks up and freezes in his position, his wide eyes lowering to look back at me.

"Get. It. Off." He states in a low tone. I roll my eyes, scooping the tiny duckling up and setting back in the water. It starts to swim away, then turns its head back toward us. I wave, letting out a soft good-bye and it nods its head, before turning forward and swimming away.

I blink, slowly looking over at him as he looks back at me. This time we both laugh. He helps me, after our giggles die down, and I look down at my tattered clothing.

"Working on a new trend?" He asks, slowly linking our fingers.

"Um...I guess so." I mumble.

His lips gently press to my cheek, and I lift my head to study his dark eyes. "You look good. As usual."

I feel the heat, traveling to my cheeks and staining them a bright red color. "Thank you."

He waves his hand, dismissing my thanks. "So what are you up to today?"

"Well I was trying to read, and squeeze in a few moments of pond-less, quiet time."

"You should know by now that that's not the way things work around here."

"I should, but I keep trying to deny the facts."

He leads me up to the top of the small hill. "Look at this." he whispers, his free hand gesturing out to the land before our eyes. Rolling hills, bright blue skies, mountains in the distance.

It's like a picture from a movie, I think to myself.

"Someday," he continues, "I want to climb that mountain over there."


"Just to say that I did."


"And do you know what I'd do once I reached the top?" He looks down at me, and I slowly look up at him, our eyes meeting in the dark shadow that his tall figure casts. "I would proclaim my love for you."

It happens fast. He leans in and our noses touch. My eyes squeeze shut and my fingers find their way into his hair.

My mind creates a poem as our bodies move, touch, and feel.

Rolling hills,
Where tall grass grows.
Mountains high,
Where harsh wind blows.

My words,
exhaled into the wind.
Your words,
inhaled before you speak your mind.

Together, we breathe.

* * *

Thank you, for reading this lovely short story. :)

I love you guys, so much. <3

thanks for reading!


  1. beautiful. <3 i love your short stories! you ought to publish a book full of them. :)

    1. thank you. <3 hey, that's not a bad idea. maybe I will do that... ;}

  2. This is...too...flawless...for words. Like, I can't even describe it. Like, it gave me chills. Like, IT'S NOT FAIR HOW GOOD YOU ARE AT SHORT STORIES. And, like, how did you come up with that poem? (That was rhetorical; the answer is obvious: using your magical flawless writing powers.)

    Stay beautiful. <3


    1. oh jeez, thank you. you have no idea how wide I'm smiling right now...

      Stay amazing. <3


  3. Anonymous23.7.13

    So beautiful and full of sweetness. :) I wish I could think of a better way to compliment your writing, but it's as simple as this: I LOVE YOUR WRITING! :)


    1. aww shucks. thank you so much. :D <3



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