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"it's complete"


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exhaling words onto paper
inhaling the smell of ink
scribbling furiously
shoulders tensing

the pencil stops
dead in its tracks
words are hard
writing ceases

days pass by
no words are exhaled
no ink is inhaled
the author is taking a break

dreams occur
inspiration is sparked
writing begins again
and it doesn't stop

"it's complete"
two words
that mean
so much

sentences build paragraphs
that build chapters
that build a book
that build a lesson, a story

my lesson to you is || don't ever give up

thanks for reading. <3


  1. You're done with your book?? That's awesome Rose!!

    1. I am. :D I'm so...excited, relieved, happy, and bubbly. XD

      Thanks for commenting!


  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Christina. :)

  3. Wow that's awesome!! Are you going to put it online somewhere so we can read it? :)
    *sigh* I wish I could write as beautifully and naturally as you do. <3

    1. Thank you. :) I was hoping to get it published. :D
      Aww shucks, you're too sweet. <3

    2. Wow, that's great, congrats!! I will definitely be buying it when you publish it. :)

  4. Rosie, I cannot tell you how proud I am of you. I look up to you for not giving up and completing your goals. It feels like I've completed something with your success. •-• Does that make sense? Anyways, I cannot wait for you to publish this masterpiece and see where it will take you. :) You are a BEAUTIFUL writer and I must say that your words are my favorite. <3 Does that also make sense? •-•


    *sniffles* I-I'm just so proud of meh baby! I-I need a moment...

    glitter kisses and hug attacks,


    1. Aww shucks girly. I'm smiling SO big right now... XD That does make sense. •-• I can't wait to get this beauty published either! Wherever it takes me, I'm gonna drag you along. •-• Aww... *sniffles* r-really? Th-that's so day has been made [again].


      *blushes* Y-you're proud of me?

      editing tips and typos, •-•


  5. ROSE YOU'RE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

    1. Aww, thank you Sarah. <3

      You're amazing too. <-- and I mean that. :)

    2. You are WAY to sweet!!!!!!!!! :)

  6. Anonymous15.7.13

    ASGFKL!!! Rosie.... I'm dead. You're too brilliant for me.

    Aaaannnnddddddd, well, I guess this is it. G'bye. You were flawless.

    Give my love to Kenz.

    I'll see if I can get a copy of your book sometime in heaven.

    Have fun on earth.


    1. D-dead? Oh jeez...

      No! Lèslie, come back! * grabs your hand * I-I need you! Please, stay!

      * sniffles * I-I will.

      I-I hope you get one. :}

      I'll try. But it'll be hard. Considering that you're not here anymore...

      Rest in peace my beautiful friend. You will always be in my heart.

      with love and tears,

    2. Anonymous17.7.13

      Well, I thought I was dead.

      *grabs your hand* Y-You really need me? •-• You want little Lèslie to stay??

      Gosh, I'm gonna cry. I had no idea it would be so big of a deal if I died.

      Rosie dear, words cannot be found to express my love for you, epic one.

      with love and tears as well,

    3. You thought you were dead...? -_•

      YES. * gets down on knees and sobs into the back of your hand * DON'T LEAVE ME! Please, stay! I'll do anything! ANYTHING! * shakes your arm * Just don't leave!

      No, no, *sniffles* no more crying, please. Oh honey, it's a HUGE deal. Especially to me...

      * wipes cheeks and sniffles quietly * And words cannot express MY love for you, oh flawless one.

      with dramatic sobs and an extra helping of love,

    4. Anonymous17.7.13

      Yeah, I did.

      Oh gossssshhhh. * cries in disbelief because this is just wonderfully beyond normal friendly affection * I WON'T EVER LEAVE YOU AGAIN! Rosie, I don't like to lie. So here's the honest truth: reading your words literally brought me close to tears because of the amount of emotion and love penetrating from them into my heart. It's such a sweet moment here. I'm sitting alone, staring at the screen, wishing with all my heart to see meh Rosie one day. NOW. *hugs Rose so tightly her breath leaves for a second* I'm not set on leaving.

      Yes, yes, *sniffles* it's beautiful tears. ROSIE HOW? HOW ARE YOU THIS LOVING? My heart's about to burst in love. I LOVE YOU. Weak understatement, but English or any other language of man has no words to fit properly. Seriously. You're the utmost best. Especially to me...

      *hands Rosie a hankerchief* Okay, that's it. too beautiful. Hold me. Help me stand up, I'm gonna faint you're too sweet.

      with overjoyed alligator tears and multitudes of love,

    5. should stop making assumptions. •-•

      *SOBS* Thank you. *hugs you back and sniffles* For not leaving. I appreciate it. *slowly looks up at you* M-my words did that? *sniffles* I-I think I'm gonna cry...again. I wish to meet you to Les. Someday, you, Kenz, and I, will be able to hold hands and walk into the sunset together. Unless you don't like holding hands...or sunsets...or walking. o.O But whatever the case, we will meet. Just remember to bring tissues because I tend to get emotional. •-• *squeezes you tightly* Good. Because you're not allowed to leave...

      I-it is? Um, I-I don't know. In all honestly I'm not this affectionate towards people via internet. But it just felt right, to love you. Is that weird? Am I even making sense? I LOVE YOU TOO. <3 We should seriously invents some words that show our divine level of love. •-• I-I am? I'm the utmost best? Are you sure about this?

      *takes hankerchief from [the flawless] Les* Thanks... *blows nose* H-hold you? H-help you? Oh jeez, what have I done?

      with smiles, tissues, and an overflowing love gauge

  7. Anonymous18.7.13

    ...I probably should.

    *SOBS* Rosie, I'm doing it again. I'm honestly almost going to cry. I can feel a lump in my throat. I think it's because I never thought (in my wildest dreams) that I would ever come to know anyone on earth out of my family with such love for me as you and Kenz. It fills my heart with loving warmth. *hugs you back again and tries to keep from sniffling* You're welcome, darling Rosie. *looks down at meh Rosie and nods head slowly* They truly did. I'm not kidding. *smiles through tears*

    Now that is beautiful. I can see it in my mind. Well, I don't like holding just anyone's hand. But with you and Kenz, it's an absolute exception. <3 Sunsets are fabulous. And walking is perfect. Gosh, I wish that would happen now. :')

    YES WE SHALL SOMEDAY. Okee, I'll bring the tissues. It's going to be an emotional meeting. <3 *squeezes you back* That's good. Wonderful. I don't wanna leave!!

    Mhmm. Seriously?! Ohhhhman Rosie... then I am going to cry even more!! It's so touching. You're making complete sense! I LOVE YOUUUU. <3 YES, we must do that. *via email, okay?* You are, dearest. I believe it's true.

    *smiles affectionatly at [the equally flawless] Rosie* Anytime, honey. Y-Yeah. U-Uh-huh! Um, you've stripped me of my breath. You filled me with an epic love. And I, being mortal, wasn't strong enough to grip it. Soo...I'm kinda falling over here on the other end.

    with smiles and chocolate and sunset dreams

    Dang, I didn't mean to leave such a long reply! *shame on you, Les*

    1. ...but you don't have to. sometimes it's fun to guess...

      whoa, r-really? I-I don't know what to say... *smiles up at you and holds up tissue* Tissue? I'm so glad...

      It is quite beautiful...isn't it? Aww... <3 I wish I could happen right now too. :}

      Yay, tissues! XD Oh yes, very emotional. <3 Mhm, very good... Phew, good.

      Seriously. NO! Don't cry! I'm sorry. I-I feel awful, for making you cry so much... I'm so glad I'm making sense. I LOVE YOU MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE. <3 YES, via email. :) A-aww. *sniffles* You're too sweet.

      *slowly smiles back* I-I've stripped you of your breath? A-and filled you with epic love? O-oh my... Don't worry, I'm here to catch you.

      with tissues, wide smiles, and... sleepy puppies...?

      Oh girly, it's okay. I love reading what you have to say so: the longer the better. :D

    2. Anonymous18.7.13

      ....oh it's no problem!

      in all honesty, yes. *takes tissue gratefully* Thanks, darlin'. <3


      Ha, ha, ha. XD Quite, quite. <3 I love relieving moments. :D

      No, Rosie! Don't feel awful on my account! They're beautiful, happy, overyjoyed tears, remember??! I LOVE YOU.......... THE SAME. <3 BRILLIANT. I'll aim for tomorrow, then. *grins* Only sweet to those who deserve it fully.

      Yes, I'm afraid it's true. But I'm pretty certain it's back. ... And yes, you did. It was a glorious moment. <3 Thanks. So much.

      with more tissues, more wide smiles, and...only clean, cute, sleepy puppies, okee...?

      Well, that's an enormous relief. :D

    3. sure?

      Wow... No problem girly. :)

      *giggles* I would love that. Just absolutely love that. <3 Come on computer, work with us here!

      I do too. :)

      Th-they are? Are you sure? I love you too. <3 Haha, okay. Aww...really? I'm blushin'...

      That's good... And aww, good. <3 There's no need to thank me. :)

      with giggles, nods, and warm, soft, quiet puppies... *sighs happily*
      Rosie you really think I would get mad at you for giving me a huge reply? -_•

    4. Anonymous19.7.13

      ...yeah, I'm sure.


      Oh, I'm positive. <3 REALly. Y-you're blushin'? •-•

      but I want to thank you! It helps with the fact that you're too epically sweet and amazing.

      with happy snickering (?!), bear hugs, and those adorable puppies... *joins you in happy-sighing*

      ...well....I sure hoped not! you never make me mad with your longs ones, soo... -_o

  8. Okay...


    Okay, good. <3 Yes, I'm blushin'. •-•

    Aww shucks. Well, I wouldn't say that...

    with growling stomachs ( ??? ), hug attacks, and puppies in Christmas sweaters... *smiles at you*

    Exactly... •-•


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