"I just want you to smile."

1:30 PM

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"Come on."
She says with a smile.
He states, trying to keep his scowl in place.
"I said, no."
"Come on! I just want you to smile."
"Because I need to get your picture."
"Well, when you put it like that...NO."
She sighs, lifting her head from behind the camera.
"Pretty please? With a cherry on top?"
"I don't like cherries."
She huffs.
"You're stubborn."
She states.
"Not as much as you."
He lets a small curve appear in his thin-lipped frown.
She snaps the picture.
She laughs, turning and racing down the path.
"Come back here!"
He chases after her.
They run around the yard.
The girl giggles.
The boy scowls.
She manages to snap another picture.
Then the boy jumps on her.
They land side by side on the muddy ground.
"Ow. What was that for?"
The girl mumbles.
"I want you to take my picture."
The boy mutters back, a seriousness covering his eyes.
"Because I want to remember this moment."
"You want to remember the moment when you attacked me?"
"No. I want to remember this."
He touches their lips together for a brief second.
The girl closes her eyes.
The boy slowly pulls back.
She shifts closer, holding the camera above their faces.
She whispers.
He states.
The camera flashes.
And the moment is caught.

smile, for me || erm...no

thanks for reading. <3


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6 Sweet Notes

  1. okay, okay... hold on. like--what?! Right when I think you couldn't get any more flawless! Like, how is it possible for ONE PERSON to be THIS flawless?! I don't even know. Srsly, I can't take this! -_-

    "I'm not flawless."

    "I'm not a good writer."

    psh, yeah right!

    You are wayyyyy too good for me. I don't even know why you still want me around! •-•

    You are... Perfection. nuff said.

    ^^^sorry about all that, I just can't contain this much flawlessness! \(•-•)-<3



    1. Kenz, honey... I'm not flawless. •-•

      Well I'm not, okay?

      And I'm not too good for you, it's the other way around. mOf course I want you around! Who wouldn't want you around?!?

      No I'm not. •-•

      No need to be sorry. •-•

      I love you too. <3

      your-smiling-HG Buddy,

  2. Don't tell me you're not amazing or epic, Rosie.

    Here's the deal: Kenz is epic= Kepic. What would you prefer to be called?

    Rosie, you= amazing, buuuuut, Ramazing doesn't really have a ring to it. Neither does Rlawless (Rosie+Flawless). You must help me if you truly love me! Not only you, but everyone else. PEOPLE, WHAT DO I CALL ROSIE? Kenz, a little help here? Pretty please with a cherry on top? (Personally I love cherries).

    Beautiful writing. It made ME smile


    1. Erm...I'm sorry Lesie, but I have to. :-/

      Hehe, Kepic? I like that...

      Hmm...really I don't have a preference. You can call me whatever you'd like. You don't even have to give me a nickname. "Rosie" is good enough. •-•

      Aww, good. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :)


  3. Rose, this is legit amazing. :') Like, I'm-crying-over-here-amazing.
    Keep writing! :)


    1. Oh wow, thank you!
      I'm so glad you like it. :)



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