"No. Stop. Listen."

1:30 PM

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"What is it?" She whispers into the moonlit darkness. She holds the tiny flower in her hand, studying its petals.

"It's the key."

"The key?"

He nods, his mysterious, dark brown eyes searching the girl. He studies her, listening to their breaths bounce off the close brick wall beside them. She looks up at him, and in the moonlight, her eyes glow. A bright lantern in the dark. "To what?"

"To us." His fingers drift through her hair, the same color as the moon above them. "And how this will all work out."

"...you're leaving me. Aren't you?"

"For now." He whispers. "Because they're coming."

Her eyes squeeze shut. "Don't leave me. Please, please, please don't leave me."

"I'm sorry...hey, open your eyes."

Her eyelids shoot open and she grabs his arm. "You can't do this. We'll talk to them. We'll tell them you aren't who they think you are."

"It won't work like that. They won't listen." He eases her hand off his arm, taking it in his own. "So you have to listen to me."

"You're leaving me, just like everyone else!"

"No. Stop. Listen. I'm not going to leave you forever."

"Yes you are--"

"I'll come back. I'll come back to you and we'll live together until eternity decides to end."

"But--" Noise come from down the alleyway. They've been spotted.

"I have to go." He looks down at the tiny flower held between her fingers. "Hold onto that. Never let it go."

And with that, he's gone.

they'll be together soon || why do they leave?

thanks for reading. <3

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8 Sweet Notes

  1. Whoever these people are, whoever they are running from, they have a story that you should write, Rose. :)

    1. Thank you, Storyteller. :) I don't know if I'll continue this, but that's definitely a possibility.


  2. 'No. Stop. Listen.' <3
    you're awesome. the words you write are magic.
    love you

    1. Thank you. <3
      I'm so glad someone thinks that of my writing...
      love you too. :)

  3. Silent Reader18.6.13

    Rosie, this is pure beauty. The words flow so smoothly and paint such a vivid picture. <3 It was a pleasure to read.
    Silent Reader

    1. Aww, thank you. :)
      You're too sweet. <3


  4. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME!!?!?! I now know who your best friend is. *cough* cliff- *couch* hanger.

    You...*sniffles* you are a marvelous, talented writer that is wayyy too good for me. Why?! WHY?!

    I just love this-- and you, I just love you. <3

    your rather pathetic writer,

    1. D-do what? Hey, I'll admit, cliffhanger and I are very close. But it will never be as special and close to my heart as YOU are my dear. :}

      No I'm not...

      Aww...thank you. I love you too. <3

      your *amateur* writer,

      p.s. this comment earned you a couple more points. ;)


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