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New beginnings, old friends. [part 2]

I look up him, his beautiful dark brown eyes meeting mine. I'm at a loss for words. Even the pen that weighed heavily behind my ear has become light, all of its own words forgotten. A blush rushes across our cheeks, and we simultaneously look down at our food. My forgotten notebook slips from under my arm and spills onto the floor, breaking the moment. We both reach for it, but I stop when I see the page it fell open on.

New beginnings,
old friends,
I didn't want to leave you,
but I did.

He kneels down, retrieving the notebook. I watch his eyes scan the words for a brief second, before he snaps the it shut.

"Sorry, um..." He holds it out for me to take. And I do. "Those are some beautiful words, by the way."

"Thank you..." I run my fingers across the worn cover of the book, trying to find the right words to tell him how those words came to be. He nods and stands up to sit back down in his seat. "They were meant for you."

He freezes in place, then slowly turns toward me. I offer him a small smile, waiting for a reaction. But he blinks back at me. So I continue.

"I didn't want to leave. That was the last thing on my mind. But opportunity came and I...couldn't pass it up."

He nods, cautiously stepping toward me.

"You don't know how hard it was for me," My voice drops to a whispers. "to let you go."

"And you don't know how hard it was for me, to watch you go."

~ ~ ~

thanks for reading. <3


p.s. happy half birthday to me! XD


  1. Anonymous28.6.13


    How can you do this to me? You're too amazing for words. As is this story.


    1. Anonymous28.6.13

      p.s. happy half birthday! XD

    2. Aww, thank you Leslie. I must say, I love this design too. XD

      Oh jeez. You're so sweet. *sniffles* No, I-I'm not crying. W-who told you that? I-I'm gonna need a second. *turns away from the computer screen*

      Again, thank you. I appreciate all your beautiful & kind words. <3


    3. Anonymous28.6.13

      It's okay, Rosie. There are times when, reading your words, I cr--get something in my eye, too. •-•

  2. Oh. My. Gosh.

    okay, so after I was done reading the last sentence I got The feels. I had like this bubbly excitement inside my stomach. I'm serious. •-• That was beautiful... So, so beautiful... *sniffles* I need a moment.

    Y U SO AMAZING+FLAWLESS+PERFECT!?!?!?!?! It hurts. it really hurts.

    but don't stop, please. It's a good kind of pain. •-•

    ...I LOVE MEH ROSIE!!! <3

    your very jelly friend,


    1. oh and btw, I LOVE your new design. <3 •-• and... happy half birthday! \(•-•)/ I think tomorrow is my half birthday. •-•

  3. Just stumbled on your blog and I am loving it! I am also a dancer so it is fun to connect with others through blog wandering :) Also, you write beautifully and I am already intrigued by this story, even not knowing the background to it!

    Newest follower!

    1. Wow, thank you so much Becca. :) Thank you so much for joining, reading, and commenting. I appreciate it. <3



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