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"Just let the notes come to you, as the words follow."

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My fingers pluck and pick the notes.
My lungs exhales the words.
My foot taps to the beat.
My smile turns into a frown.

"Don't stop."
I look up.
He's here.

"But it doesn't sound right."
My voice sounds hoarse.
He always does this to me.

"It sounded right to me."
He sits beside me.
Our eyes meet.

"Just sing from your heart."
He closes the notebook.
I shake my head.

"Just let the notes come to you,"
"As the words follow."
I do.


The notes came, and the words did follow.
We harmonize with each other.
Him and I.

As one.
xx Nicole Rose


  1. ah, so do i, rose, i wish i could sing well too. and play piano well. but i'm working on it. :)

    1. Good, good! Keep working and practicing and you'll be amazing in no time. [though I'm sure you already are] ;)

  2. *sniffles* too beautiful for words... I-I'm speechless.

    Y U SO FLAWLESS!?!?!

    It hurts. Your flawlessness hurts me. -_-

    just stahp.


    no, don't.

    I LOVE IT... I LOVE YOU. <3

    hugs and kisses


    1. Again, honey, I'm not flawless...

      But thank you for the sweet comment. :)

      I love you too. <3


  3. Anonymous25.6.13

    Rosie, this is *sorry but I can't find another fitting word* flawless!

    I know I keep saying it but I'm not lying!! this. I-it is so beautiful. <3

    Talent flows from your heart into your writings; pure talent.

    And feeling. LOTS & LOTS of feels •-•



    1. Aww, thank you dear. :)

      Wow...really? You think talent flows from my heart? *sniffles* That's so sweet.

      Oh jeez, and feeling too?

      Your comment made me smile me really big. :D

      I love you too. <3


    2. Anonymous25.6.13

      Pray don't mention it ;)

      Yeah, I do! Really. <3

      And feeling! Very strong emotions. Mm, yes. From the heart comes your writing. Speak with feeling, you do. Mmm. {YODA?! WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?? GO AWAY!}

      Not sure where that came from, but um...your comment made me smile REALLY big!!

      love hugs and hugs •-•


    3. Y-you're so sweet. I think my feels are gonna explode... •-•

      Oh Yoda. I love that little green guy. ;)

      Aww, good. I'm glad. :) Your comment did the same for me.

      love, hugs, and...glitter rain. (•-•)-<3


  4. Oh, Rose...I-I can't even find the words. Because this is just...stunning. I've never read anything so perfect and flawless. <3

    (a very jealous,)

    1. Aww. Thank you Jessie. :) You're too sweet.

      You should't be jealous of me. You have heaps of flawlessness inside you. I can see it. <3

      [a very smiley,]


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xx Nicole Rose

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