Click. Clack. Ding.

1:30 PM

Click, clack, click.
My fingers fly.
My mind races.
Words play back as images.

Click, clack, ding.
More words added.
More images formed.
Small smiles become visible.

Click, clack, click.
"He said this..."
"She did that..."
Drama enters the story.

Click, clack, ding.
The climax has risen.
The ending has been decided.
I wonder what they will think.

Print, seal, tape.
My fingers are crossed.
The deed has been done.
My fate as an author rests in their hands.

~ ~ ~

So recently, I've been typing up a storm on my little laptop. Now that school and dance are over, I finally have time to sit down, relax, and write--reading squeezes in there too. I have been working this story I hope to get published for six months. The "anniversary" is today. :)

I am so happy--and proud--to be able to say I have over 80,000 words typed out for this book. I am so excited to have my first draft almost done, but I can't believe I've only been working on this for six months. Six months. Where has all the time gone?

Though I am not a published author--yet--I do have an amazing editor { and bestest friend }. I just want to take the time to say thank you to her. She has helped me through so much over the last three months. When I introduced her to the rough first chapter she gave me the sweetest reply ever and it encouraged me to take my writing even farther { not only for her, but for me too }. So, with all that said, thank you Kenz. Thank you so much for your encouraging words and helpful tips. You've really helped me get through the harsh times--whether it was just writer's block or real life problems.

Thank you.
I love you.

"How long will you love me?"

"Forever. And if that ends I'll love you even after forever."

thanks for reading. <3

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8 Sweet Notes

  1. So sweet. :) I love writing, but my stories turn out terrible. :P

    1. Thank you. :) I do too. <3 And I know what you mean. I feel like it's always a it or miss with my stories. If I ever complete them. Which is a rare feat...

  2. *sniffles* O-oh Rosie... *sniffles* hold on, I need a moment. *turns around and blows nose loudly* That just made my day, what you said up there. ^ I-I honestly didn't know I did that much for you... I'm so glad... Thank you for giving me the pleasure to being your editor. I have had so much fun. I honestly love anything to do with writing so when you asked me, I was thrilled. Like jump up and down thrilled. •-• I think I actually did jump up and down...
    Anyways, I am honored to be your editor and couldn't be more proud of you right now. :) You didn't give up, which is something I would ( and have ) done.


    80,000 words... whoa bro. •-• YOU ROCK.

    with love,
    your editor,Kenz

    ps: I died when I saw you quoted me...

    1. Aww, sweetie...d-don't cry. I'm so glad this made your day. Mission accomplished. ;) I'm glad too... Thank YOU for all the wonderful advice. I've had fun too. And I know we'll have more fun in the future. :) You were that thrilled, huh? ;) That makes me really happy. <3
      H-honored? And p-proud? Nah way...

      Haha, you got it, Kenz. •-•

      Ehh... I wouldn't say that. •-•

      with glitter sprinkled on top,
      your author to be, Rosie

      p.s. Aww... You know, I only quote the best. ;) <3

  3. OK, firstly that picture... secondly those words... *happy sigh* This is so sweet. <3


    1. Thank you, Jessie. Your comment brought a smile to my lips. :)

  4. That is lovely.

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! THAT IS SO SERIOUSLY AWESOME. I hope you'll tell us 'bout your story! Man, it's so hard to finish stories- good job persevering!!


    1. Thank you. :D I can't wait to tell you guys about it. And agreed, it is pretty hard...half the time I force myself to sit down and just write. :P



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