1:30 PM

A year ago, today,
We saw each other.
We said hello.
We nodded.
I smiled.
You stared.
Then I walked away.

I miss you.
I still love you.
I hope you can say the same.

One year later,
We could see each other.
We could mumble our hellos.
We could nod.
You could smile.
I could stare.
And this time, I promise not to run off again.

I miss you.
I love you.
Could you ever think the same?

Today could be the day,
The day we spill it all.
We could say hello.
And stare.
Maybe never letting go.

Do you miss me?
Did you love me in the past?
You didn't let me go when you could?

Today, I am sorry.
But I can't move on.
Just one hello.
One last nod.
One more shared smile.
And I'll go.
If I can.


today, i could see you || don't let {me} go

thank you for reading my dramatic, romance-y, writing.
i appreciate it. <3

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6 Sweet Notes

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  2. Very sweet. :) I can relate to this.

  3. Rose, love the new design!! :) Is this a customized template?? :)

    1. i.e. you made your own template... ;D

    2. Thanks! :D

      No, I didn't make this template. I used blogger's "Simple Template" and customized it with CSS and HTML.

      I hope that answers your question. :)


    3. Yeah, thanks!! :) You should give lessons--you're really good:)


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