1:30 PM

{photo made by me}

We are human beings.
We crave love.
We crave happiness.
We crave laughter and smiles.
We crave comfort.
We crave respect, responsibility, and real, true, emotion.
We crave life.
We crave challenges and puzzles.
We crave knowledge.
We crave worldly things.
We crave interaction.
We crave music.
We crave adventure.
We all have personal desires.
Personal dreams, goals, and accomplishments.
But we all seem to crave the same things.

what do you crave? || Nutella... <3

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3 Sweet Notes

  1. I crave chocolate. haha :D And good books. And God's love. And a dozen million other things.... ;D

  2. Food-wise? Pizza. Other than that? Lots of things. :)

  3. Ahhhh... Nutella..... Yum:-) I'm craveing summer, But food-wise it would be...The Raspberry Chesecake cookies at Subway:-o


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