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It's vibrant.
It's eye catching.
It's beautiful.

It shows depth.
It enhances our life.
It adds to your view of the world.

But what makes color, color?

Who decided pink should be pink, and blue should be blue?
What makes green so different from red?
How could you describe color to someone?

Color. Tint. Hue.

It is unique.
It is bright.
It is dull.

It is part of anything.
It is part of everything.
It is special.

And I know I take it for granted.

~ ~ ~

Red. I tell myself, dipping my paintbrush into the color and slowly lifting it to the wall. I make a long, thin arch, ruining the clean, whiteness of the barrier that stands between us.

Orange. I put this color right underneath the last, mimicking the arch movement.

Yellow. Green. Blue. I make short, quick motions with the brush, lining each color up next to the last. I put a dash of purple here and there, letting out my frustration and anger. I let all my emotions flow through my paintbrush and out onto the wall, letting my tears fall, even though they make it blurry and hard to see.

{ this is an excerpt from one of my *cough* many *cough* writing projects. so all of these words are mine. ;}

be vibrant and bright || stand out

thank you for reading. <3
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5 Sweet Notes

  1. You're an amazing writer!! :D I'm going to check out your writing blog now, to see your other writings.

    1. Aww, thank you. :) I really appreciate it.

  2. Y U SO FLAWLESS?!?!?!?! Like seriously, stahp. k?

    you > me

    You are amazing, nuff said.

    Now I wanna paint. •-•

    Beautiful my dear, you inspire me.


    ^ haha, you're probably gettin' sick of me. •-•

  3. hello! i nominated you on my bog! if you don't want to do its thats fine, but i love your blog!

    xx, elisabeth


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