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A Shared Moment.

"Let's have a staring contest." He pipes up, glancing toward me. I raise an eyebrow, wondering what this means.

"Okay." I say, hesitantly. I look around at the few others gathered around us. My eyes rest on him. Then her. Then on the our siblings nearby. They are engaged in their own conversation. It is just us three. I steal another glance at him, noticing his eyes are still on me. What is he thinking?

"Hey, have you ever heard about the time I--" She starts, but her voice is cut off.


I blink. It is so unlike him to ignore her. I nod silently, signaling I'm ready and trying not to show my surprise.

I think she huffs, but the only thing I can focus on are his deep brown eyes that grow wide as they stare back at me. My heart beats fast. Faster than it should. We stare, unblinking, at each other. I feel as if I've entered my own world. I open my mouth to say something, when our eye contact is broken. By a pillow. I put my hand over my mouth to stifle a giggle, almost laughing when his face comes back into view, a shade or two pinker than it should be. He glares at his younger brother, but a small smile twitches at his lips as he glances toward me. I laugh, a little too loudly, and perhaps too hard. But no one cares. Because we're all laughing. And smiling, at one another.

And I love the fact that he is smiling at me.


That was probably one of the best moments I've ever shared with someone. Or at least, with him. I cherish the time we had together, though it was mostly spent glancing at each other from across the room, wondering if we should speak or ignore. I wish I would have had the courage to talk to him, during those long, hard months. I don't know what I was afraid of. He would never brush me off. He's too sweet to do that. And I had talked to him before. But of course, I was afraid of the fact that I'd say something stupid or that I'd slip up. Why? There are many reasons. But I none of which I can share.

not again. || those eyes get me every time.

thanks for reading. <3


  1. Aww Rose... this is so sweet. I love this. <3


  2. So sweet. <3 I know what you mean, I'm afraid I'll slip up or say something stupid, too. :)

  3. *sniffs around* I smell something... *sniffs* Yep, I knew it was here!
    Love. Love is in the air.

    I'll be here when you're ready to talk.

    *walks away humming a happy tune* Love love love... oh sweet love.

    ^ ignore my weirdness.


    1. *snorts and shake head* I think that's the smell of day old blog design. •-•


      *rolls eyes* You always know how to make my day, you know that?

      Never. I will NEVER ignore you... <3

      Thanks for the comment girly.


  4. Nah uh!!!! •-•

    Yup. I'll be here... waiting... Don't be scared now, yah hear?

    hehe, oh well... I try my best. And only the best for the best. :)

    THAT, just made MY day.... Oh girly, I don't know why but that made me so very happy. Oh so happy.

    Anytime meh dear... even though it was weird. •-•

    Kenz <3

    1. Yah huh! \(•-•)/

      S-scared? Me? Psh, I-I'm fearless... •-•

      But I'm not the best... •-•

      Aww, I'm so glad. (•-•)-<3

      I didn't think it was. •-•

      Rosie <3


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