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Hello! I'm Rosie.

I'm passionate about two things: writing and helping women suceed. I want to help you spread your message and dig deeper into your life. Let's go beyond the fluff and focus on the bigger picture.

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How We Rise

Human beings are strange creatures.

We isolate our own kind. Judge based on our senses and react according to what our emotions say.

And yet.

Somewhere out there, one of us is scooping a child that is not our own blood into our arms, whispering: It's okay. You're safe now.

One of us is donating money. And if not money, time.

Another is carefully structuring a story that will crumble the hearts of millions of fangirls. (Is this good? Is this evil? Who am I to say?)

Humans are tricky. Life is sticky. But even when you can't navigate a situation. Even when the earth twists up and your sense of direction is lost...

When you give in to your demons and lower yourself so they shackle your wrists and ankles for the afternoon.

Humans. We always do one thing.


Bringing along the cracked foundations, broken bones and peeling skin, we rise as one and we rise as a mass. We bring together our shattered pieces to fuse into something so much better than the Original Masterpiece.

After a lifetime of avoiding, scrambling, running screaming from the lows and cracks, I have found the answer, friend.

Don't run away. Run toward.

From ashes, we rise.

From lows, we inflate.

From misery, love and new bonds are formed.

Sometimes we must fall to understand the blessing of standing on our feet.

- - -

Welcome to 2017, friend.

Humans are strange. Humans are lovely. This is how we rise. [Click through for more.]

You Are A Complete, Original Design

There are a thousand ways one can begin a movement, and this is how I'd like to start mine: It snowed.

If the human race is different, but the same, why do we all try to be the same all the way around? Thoughts and tips. Click through to read more!

Meaning I'm inside and there are blankets on my bed, blankets on my lap and thick socks on my feet. And when I see the snow, I'm reminded of God and how beautiful His world is. To think, all the snowflakes I crush underfoot or sweep off the sidewalk are unique. Once in a lifetime. Completely their own. They don't try to be anything else. They are here for only one purpose: to blanket the earth.

Some look at snow and frown. Some roll around in the snow and make angels. Some take photos, whilst others take a shovel to the fluff. There are probably enough reactions to snow to equal the number of unique snowflake designs.

People are snowflakes. Unique in design, but identical in chemical makeup -- after all, every flake of white melts down to a tiny droplet of water.

So if the human race is different, but the same, why do we all try to be the same all the way around? I don't know about you, but sometimes I find myself trying to break off one of my little 'flake arm just so I can be like what I see in the world. Not even in the sense of becoming taller, skinnier, tanner or better, but in what I own, what I do, what I say, who I talk to. My temptation is to conform. To repeat, because...


If you like [blank] and I successfully embody [blank]... you'll love me just as much as you love [blank].*

* [blank] can equal anything, from an aesthetic to living in a beach house to wearing the latest trends.

That's the hypothesis.

In my tried and true experimental style/cycle, I have found (once more) that there is nothing like the original. So while you can try to be [blank], own [blank], or live [blank], in the end, it doesn't make people like you more.


Because you've deviated from the original!

You. You are the original, complete, enough just as you are design.

Friend, you can do whatever you please. Rock those name brands, read those books, go on adventures. But please, don't ever feel compelled to do those things because someone at school or on your IG feed did the same thing. Don't let them make you feel bad either.

I find this urge to change the direction of my life or "recreate" certain elements in myself often, especially when I am building a website or even creating content. I feel like I need to put into action or recreate things that are intimidatingly awesome so that my following will grow -- or something petty like that.

But that's sooooo not my job.

I may draw inspiration from an element. I may even twist it and add to it and completely make it my own. But I do not need to recreate original works. It takes away from what my real job is: Making my own intimidatingly awesome original works. Because:

And so are you!

Action Steps:

  • Step back when it comes to social media.
    • Limit your time on social media, especially if it prompts you to compare yourself and your life to others.
  • Write down how you feel.
    • Blab it all out. Write in fragments. Completely forget grammer grammar.
  • Talk to God (and/or a close friend).
    • Then cry, hug it out and treat yourself to some ice cream.
  • Look back at your past creative work and ask yourself: Is this completely my own? Is this ME? Does this share a piece of me?
  • Create something.
    • Give yourself no limitations. Just pick a message and go for it. And keep going, even if it's not what you meant it to be.

Do you find yourself trying to replicate the talent surrounding you?

Overwhelm, layers and the BookKaR?

Imma jump right in because there’s only so much I can say about how cold I am right now...

My good ol’ pal, Mackenzie (Think. Eat. Write. Read.) and I are writing a series together. We have book one’s first draft finished, and after a month’s break we are going back through and rereading it.

And man, is it stressful.

If I could describe this first draft - or any first draft, for that matter - as anything, it would be a pair of well-loved jeans. There are holes, frayed edges and even though you love how they fit, they’re on their last leg (HAH) and it’s almost time for an upgrade.

In enters Stress and Overwhelm.

Welcome to the party!

I have written several first drafts, but never have I gone about actually editing them. It’shard. It’s scary. Sometimes I HATE it. But it’s something I need to learn.

I keep saying take it one step at a time, take your time, this will work out, but friend, it’s still icky. Saying it will get better doesn’t make the hard work of building a story any less... work.

Saying it will get better doesn't make the hard work of your goal any less... work.

This is where all the layers of what we’ve discussed intersect.

Here, we break things down. We get messy. We strive for authenticity. We work, we push, we cry, we keep staring at that end goal and thinking about how desperately we want it.We step back when it becomes too much.

Is that what you need to do?

Take your weekend to relax, breaks things down and allow yourself some time to breathe. Go over what you know, research what you don’t and open your hands when you need help.


Friend, you know I would never share something with you unless I was truly passionate about it (including my own projects or someone else’s). My friend Mackenzie and I have been hard at work writing our book series, putting together an eBook, crafting quizzes and sneak peeks and so much more. So, it would mean the world to us if you checked out what we were up to. We have some big plans we want to take action on, so following us along on our journey will help keep us accountable. ;)

I’ll give you some links to play with below, but I sat that if you sign-up for our free newsletter, you will receive TWO sneak peeks of our work and access to our library... :)

The Visionaries Description

Genevieve Arden has had to be the provider in her family for as long as she could remember. On the slip side, ice cream scooper by day, secret superstar by night Maria Bullard has had everything handed to her since the day she was born. The two live separate lives until one day they are joined together by Noah, the hyper boy with the ratty coffee thermos, and the kidnapping of Gen’s sister, Callie.

Despite their differences, will they be able to work together to get Callie back?

- - -

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