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Allow me to introduce myself...

I'm Nicole Rose

Nicole Rose

This is my story.

I hope you find pieces of yourself while you're here.

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Up and Down Goes the Squiggle Line




Realize it or not, there are many things symbolized by the progression of a not so straight line. Your heart rate. Blog stats. The rise and fall of pleasant (and not so pleasant) emotions. The complexity and depth of a plot. The taking off and landing of aircraft.

There is so much held within the lines that aren't straight and here I am, pen in hand, trying to split my life down the middle with ink. The line looks like a worm and the merciless mocking cackles I hear are only echoed within my thoughts so I'm going to take it as it is. I am going to look at my work and say


Look at that.

It's beautiful.

How I can draw and articulate my hands and - my my how wonderful is the creation of the pencil.

Then you will ask how this relates back to the beginning, and I will answer,

"Does it have to? This is a passage about squiggles, not circles."

What makes your heart beat? 

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