22 July 2017

The Tree Folk (pt. 3)

And here we are with part three.

By the time this post is up I will be back from camp. (Dear Future Rosie: was it swell? Also, has the zit on your forehead gone away yet?) This year I was a counselor (shudder/wink) -- how crazy is that?

Crazy awesome.

Kind of like what's happening to Sienna right now, eh? #thatsegwaytho

- - -

In case you missed them,

here are parts one and two.

- - -

Was this truly happening? Was this tree talking to her?

It was. And it kept talking, as though it were perfectly normal for it to talk. She looked around at the men who had dragged her there. Surely they had some sense to understand that this was crazy too. But they only sneered when she laid her eyes on them.

“Sienna, are you paying attention? We don’t have much time.”

“I’ve finally gone mad.”

“They always say that,” someone behind her retorted.

The tree laughed, only to be cut off by what sounded like a fanfare. Sienna’s captors went rigid as the leaves bordering the oak’s territory parted, and a pale man stepped through. The others bowed low to the ground, in full submittance. He was broad and muscular and wore clothes show this off. His head was topped with a crown of twisted ivy that contrasted with his long, raven black hair. He was clearly used to the bowing, and Sienna got the feeling that he reveled in his position of authority.

“You’re not the one in charge?” She whispered to the oak, getting no reply. She wondered if the tree were giving her a look of sympathy. Or if she were just crazy for asking.

“Prince Gorrell. We didn’t expect you to arrive so soon.”

“Many say that Elder Eden, but I’m afraid they mean it in a way that suggests they didn’t want me to show up at all…” The supposed Gorrell had his gaze locked on Sienna as he spoke. “She’s a measly thing, isn’t she?”

“I think she’ll give us the answers we need, my Prince.”

“I only trust those words from your lips, Elder.”

Why did Sienna get the feeling this guy was sharing a smile with a tree?

A whisper broke through the brush in the same place the prince had entered moments before. There wasn’t a fanfare this time when the foliage parted, but a quiet entrance and a booming statement. “I am Lief of the Southern Coven! I’ve been sent to guard the prisoner.”

She couldn’t help it. She burst into laughter.

“Lief? Oooooh, Lief is here everyone. Do you think he invited his brothers Twig and Branch? Maybe his cousin Trunk will join along, if he can get away from Roots and Foliage and—”

The bindings Sienna had been release from crawled across the forest floor, climbing along her limbs until she was close to being mummified (again!). The tall, towering Lief strode toward her, eyes hard and mouth set into a frown.

“You’re in MY territory now, mortal. I could snap you—”

“Lief, play nicely.”

The boy relaxed, and her bindings with him. Sienna recognized the fire in him as just that. A boy’s lack of maturity.

He took a step back. “As you wish, Gorrell.” But he still give her a sour look.

“In fact, take her to her new quarters.” Gorrell smirked at Lief’s surprised expression. “She’ll be with us for a while and I have preparations to make.”


“Do it, Lief,” then Gorrell lowered his tone. There was a spark in the prince’s eyes. He was enjoying himself. Taking pleasure in watching Lief squirm.

“Yes, sir,” Lief said through his teeth.

He grabbed Sienna by the bindings and led her from the oak’s circle.

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15 July 2017

The Tree Folk (pt. 2)

Who's ready for part two?!

I am so happy to have received the feedback I did for part one. Thank you so much to those who commented and suffered through that post sending out like 8 times. -.-

You make my day. <3

Alright, let's get on with it, shall we? Last time we saw Sienna she was being mummified by vines. Let's see if she can figure out what's going on and get herself out of this mess...

- - -

They dragged her along, the three of them chattering in warbled voices. She strived to understand, to grasp at information that would give her the knowledge she’d need to navigate the situation. But for the most part, it sounded like birds chirping together in an intense commutative soprano.

She tried not to panic. Because the more she did, the more moss she snuffed up her nose.

Eventually, the tweeting stopped and the air around her stiffened. They stopped dragging her along the ground, and the few moments of silence that followed were deafening.

They cut the bindings around her arms and legs, leaving her head, wrists and ankles encased. Her breathing slowed. This was okay. She was going to be okay.

“Stay there,” someone spoke, and she held her breath as their shadow passed over her face. Slowly, the vines were peeled from her eyes, and she stared up into a brown face.

Literal brown. Muddy brown.

His eyebrows looked like twigs and his eyes were deep set and harsh. Hair flopped into his face and when he moved toward her, she screamed.

“Quiet! I can’t bring you death, but I will rip out your vocal chords!”

She shut her mouth.

He said something in an odd language. Like he was relaxing. He looked at something past her. “We are ready for the Elder.”

Sienna was hoisted onto her feet, ankles unbound and arms held so tight she had to bite back a yelp. Two men guided her through the foliage, the tips of leaves greeting her cheek and brow.

They broke through on the other side, revealing that the sky above was clear. Before her, rooted deep into the ground, was an old oak.

“Let the child come closer,” a deep voice called.

Sienna looked around as her arms were released. Come closer? To what? There was only the…

“To me.”

The voice came from beyond the tree. It had to have. She stepped over exposed roots as she traveled closer, fingers brushing against the bark of the tree.

“That’s close enough, thank you.”

The voice was right before her. The voice belonged to the tree.

“I am Eden. Welcome to the Folk forest.”

08 July 2017

The Tree Folk (pt. 1)

There's something I haven't done in a long time.

And that is, share a story.

I've written loads for you guys over the years, but when it comes to novels, I'm always -- hm, what's the proper word for it? -- terrified to share what I've written. Mostly because I get this notion like it needs to be edited and make sense and I need to reread it and *brain overloads and nothing gets done*


Okay, well, I did edit this but that's beside the point. I'm sharing a snippet of a current WIP, my dear friend, and I am entrusting its growth to you. :)

Without further ado...

- - -

“Stupid Craig and his stupid rules and his stupid protein bars and—AGH! GO AWAY BUG. And his stupid trooper scarf thing! Well here you go, Craig!” She ripped the bandana off her throat, stomping on it for good measure. “There! Now find me!”

The forest around her was eerily quiet.

She turned around in a circle, a small breeze brushing her arms. She watched as it made the leaves on the trees sway.

Silence was her friend as she stood in the forest, fuming and disappointed. A branch snapped in the distance and she whirled toward the sound, hoping it was Craig so she could continue yelling at him. But the figure before her wasn’t Craig. It was much too tall and broad. Its eyes were a sharp amber yellow that glowed from within, brightening the wrinkles around its sockets.

Sienna froze, convinced she’d stirred up a hostile creature. She tried to remember what the best thing to do was when you were confronted by a panther—or whatever it was that glared at her through the trees. The angry knot in her stomach transitioned to fear when the figure was joined by two more.

She ran.

Around the trees, over logs, through piles of leaves. She stirred dust in her wake as she sprinted, panting heavily and almost in tears. Something heavy snatched her feet from under her and she went down, her palms and chin cutting into soft earth. Scratchy thick vines encased her ankles, and she could not tell in her panic whether they were traveling up her legs or if that was just her mind. The vines encased her, mummifying her with just enough room to breathe in dirt and moss. She had a partial view of the branches above her head, the sun barely breaking through their barricade over the forest floor. For eternity she lay there, until the glowing eyes came into view.

When she screamed there was no sound.

- - -

What did you think, friend? I know, I know, it's dramatic. But I'm sure you would question if it was truly me who wrote it if it wasn't. ;)

Let me know what you think in the comments below! Do you want more? Less? Something different altogether? While you're down there, comment the word "bookish" if you made it this far into the post. ;)

I love hearing from you. <3

Toodle-loo for now!

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